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The Red List
The 2008 IUCN red listings of the world’s small carnivores
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Otter Specialist Group
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OSG Tropical Asian Otter Conservation Manifesto
Annual Report 2013
IXth Otter Colloquium Results
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Enhydra lutris
Lontra felina
Lutrogale perspicillata

Task Forces
Otters in Captivity

XIIIth Otter Congress
Singapore 2016
About the Congress

XIIth Otter Colloquium
Brazil 2014
1st Circular 23/09/13
2nd Circular 17/02/14

XIth Otter Colloquium
Pavia 2011
1st Circular 09/03/09

Xth Otter Colloquium
Korea 2007
latest additions 19/04/08
Memories of the Colloquium
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Jim Conroy's Visit to Korea
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Otter Identification
Information wanted on African Otters
CITES Otter Identification Sheets Click on each sheet for full-size version

All Alerts Issued
Unexplained Sea Otter Die-Offs 22/09/07


PhD position sought (17/02/10)

Useful Resources
Research Guidelines
Research Contacts
Photos of Otters at SeaPics
(many by Nicole Duplaix - search for otter)

Useful Publications
Asian Otter Conservation Workshop, November 2013, Bengaluru, India
Wildlife of Pakistan
Proceedings of the First Otter Toxicology Conference (2000)
How to Build an Artificial Holt (IOSF)
Recycled Plastic Holt for Urban Use (Chris Matcham)
The 'Standard Method' of Otter Surveying (Claus Reuther et al, 2000)
(email request)
Husbandry Standards
Standard Otter Measurements


Recommended Otter Websites
IOSF (International Otter Survival Fund)
ROA (River Otter Alliance)
Otter Joy
Otters of Mexico
Chinchimen - Protecting the Marine Otter
Shetland Otters
Nepal Otters Project
Defenders of Wildlife: Sea Otters

Other Useful Websites
SEEP (Centre for Sustainability, Environment, Equity and Partnership)

New Books
We love Otters!
Otters of the World
Hans Kruuk (2006) Otters: ecology, behaviour and conservation, Oxford University Press.
Carvalho Junior (2007) No Rastro da Lontra brasiliera (On the track of the Brazilian Otter)
The Wild Mammals of Japan


Thesis Abstracts
Ecology of the otter (Lutra lutra) in central Finland and methods for estimating the densities of populations
Risto Sulkava
Monitoring and predicting elusive species colonisation – Application to the otter in the Cévennes National Park (France)
Xavier Janssens
Conservation Genetics of the Eurasian Otter in Sweden
Johanna Arrendal
Comparative analysis of structural and functional hair coat characteristics, including heat loss regulation, in the Lutrinae (Carnivora: Mustelidae)
Rachel Kuhn
(Whole Thesis - needs osg username and password)
Optimizing the Nutrition of Captive Eurasian Otters (Lutra lutra)
Katrin Ruff
Distribution, Exploitation and Trade Dynamics of Asian Smallclawed Otter Amblonyx cinereus Illiger 1815 in Mainland Palawan, Philippines
Jeric Bocol Gonzalez
(Whole Thesis)
Behavior and Ecology of the Giant Otter (Pteronura Brasiliensis) in Oxbow Lakes of the Manú Biosphere Reserve, Perú.
Lisa Davenport (Whole Thesis)
Applying quantitative methods to conservation planning: population dynamics of the Eurasian otter in Ireland
Lughaidh Ó Néill
(Whole Thesis - needs osg username and password)