IUCN Otter Specialist Group . . . leading global otter conservation Last Update: Tuesday July 19, 2016
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OZ: Otters in Zoos, Aquaria, Rehabilitation, and Wildlife Sanctuaries

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Captive Species Contacts added 19th July 2016
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  • Mission Statement

    Composition of the group
    The group consists of a number of core members with various advisors. These are organised into various taskforces covering issues such as specific species husbandry, rehabilitation and so on.
    The core membership are: Jan Reed-Smith (Chair), Addy de Jong, Melanie Haire, Dr. Carvalho Junior, Lionel LaFontaine, Rodrigo Pinho Lopez, DMV, Geraldine Nidasio
OZ Task Force Species Contacts
To contact the captive species experts, please email iucnosgweb@yahoo.co.uk
  • Asian small-clawed otters
    Jason Palmer
    Sarah Duncan
  • Eurasian Otter
    Carol Heap
  • Giant Otter
    Tammy Schmidt
    Dane Jorgenson
  • Neotropical otter
    Oldemar Junior Carvalho
  • North American river otter
    Christine Becker
    Jan Reed-Smith
  • Spotted-necked otter
    Teresa Shepard
    Randi Meyerson