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Questions and Answers: In-Depth Responses

I would like to know if there is a database of otter conservation/research projects such as the one the canid specialist group developed two years ago. In any case, a list of some of these projects in any part of the world, will be more than welcome. Thank you very much for your help.

P.C. Sanchez Alonso, 5 December 2006

Response from Lesley Wright

A research project database was started a few years ago, but it is not currently available.

Our current IT objective is getting the whole of our Bulletin online, with a search facility; about half the issues are currently available, and you may find some of what you need there using the Search or Advanced Search.

The next project we have is to produce a searchable database of literature references like the Canid Group one, using a similar search function to our Bulletin, but I have no timescale for this.

Response provided 30 November 2006