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Questions and Answers: In-Depth Responses

I would like to know about the distribution of Lutra lutra in the Iraqi coast located at south of Iraq. I tried to find it but could not get any data about Lutra lutra in Iraqi coast. I appreciate it very much if you could give me any information on the distribution.

Ichiro Toyoda, 31 October 2006

Response from Hans-Heinrich Krüger

Unfortunately, the person who knew most about this was the late Claus Reuther, and we cannot find anything amongst his papers that will help with this. At the current time, it is not possible to do field work there, and we no longer have any contacts.

Curtis Richardson, of Duke University, North Carolina, has been working on wetland rehabilitation in the Mesopotamian Marshes of Iraq - he may be able to help you further, or suggest who can help. Someone else who might be able to help you is Dr Mahmoud Karami, in Iran, who has students working on otter distribution.

We would be very interested in anything you discover, so please keep in touch.

Full contact details for the above people have been sent to you in an email.


Response provided 24 November 2006