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Responding to the Habitat 17 Consultation

By Bjarne Søgaard

I think we have to react within the consultation period, because EU is a rigid system, who sticks to deadlines. Sending out the sheet I will encourage our colleagues to use the possibilities provided by the Article 17 consultation tool.

To facilitate the idea of compiling a common document with OSG comments/corrections to the national reports to EU within the consultation period I have worked out a simple "assessment sheet", which should be filled out by the national OSG-members for each Bio-geo region!

  • Simple Assessment Sheet (Word, 45 KB)
  • Example - Assessment sheet filled in for France, for the Atlantic Region (Word, 46 KB)
    EU use these treshold for assesssing the parameters in the regions
    If more than 25% is ‘red’, then the result is ‘red’
    If more than 75% is ‘green, then the result is ‘green’
    If more than 25% is ‘unknown’, then the result is ‘unknown’
    For all other combinations the result is ‘amber’
    The overall assessment of CS in ALP is therefore AMBER (Inadequate - U1), but green for the subparameter "future prospects", because FI, PL,SE and SK vote for GOOD representing nearly 90% of the range. If Sweeden changes their vote to e.g. poor, the overall result for future prospects change to amber, because the percentage of green drops to about 48%
    See table below