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10th International Otter Colloquium: 10th-16th October Hwacheon, Korea

Presentations are given in their originally intended running order, not in the order that they were actually given.


Wednesday 10th October Thursday 11th October Friday 12th October Saturday 13th October
Sunday 14th October Monday 15th October Tuesday 16th October  

Wednesday 10th October 2008

Official opening
Chairperson: Sung-Yong Han

09:00 Welcome address of organizer
Sung-Yong Han

09:10 Welcome address of notice of secretariat  
09:20 Welcome address of OSG Chairman Jim Conroy
09:30 Welcome Video (of Mayor)  
09:37 Introduction to Hwacheon County
PDF 344 KB
Jun-Sung Kim (officer)
09:50 Introduction of Peace Bell Project of Hwacheon (Video)  
09:57 Special gift (wind chimes) for Hwacheon Jim Conroy & Mayor of Hwacheon
10:20 Introduction of Hwacheon culture
Frances T. Kaliher
10:35 Slideshow in homage to the late Dr. Claus Reuther: PDF 3.6 MB German Otter Center & Sung-Yong Han
  10:40 Break  
11:00 Introduction of IUCN/SSC OSG Jim Conroy
11:15 Keystone address Nicole Duplaix
11:30 Introduction of colloquium theme (Otters, Peace Ambassador of Korea) Sung-Yong Han
11:50 Nature and Biodiversity management in Korea: A Policy Perspective
Paiho Rho
12:10 Introduction of Asian Otter Trust and Silent Auction PDF 939 K Frances T. Kaliher
12:25 Questions  
  12:30 Lunch at the Sudal Restaurant  
Plenary Session I
Continental Reports on the Status of Otters
Chairperson: Jim Conroy
13:50 Africa Report
PDF 3.2 MB
Tom Serfass
14:03 Asia Report
Padma de Silva
14:16 Europe Report  
14:29 Latin America Report
14:42 North America Report Tom Serfass
14:55 Sea Otter
PDF 2.8 MB
Angie Doroff
15:08 Giant Otter
PDF 1.5 MB
Jessica Groenendijk
15:21 OSG Otter Bulletin Arno Gutleb
15:34 Questions  
  15:45 Break  
Threats and Conservation
Chairperson: Jim Conroy
16:00 Reconciliation Action Plans: a Systematic Approach for Conflict Resolution
PDF 609 KB
Andreas Kranz, Steirische Landesjaegerschaft (Austria)
16:20 Alarming Trade in Otter Furs
PDF 1.4 MB
Paul Yoxon, International Otter Survival Fund (Britain)
Status and Management
16:40 Modern status of the Commander Islands population of the sea otter (Enhydra lutris)
PDF 1.4 MB
Alexander Burdin, University of Alaska Fairbanks, ASLC, Seward (USA)
17:00 Cambodian Otter Research and Conservation Project
Annette Olsson, Sokrith Heng, Somanak Peove, Navy Nop
Presenter: Sokrith Heng/Navy Nop, Conservation International (Cambodia)
17:20 Questions  
  17:30 Buses depart for banquet  
  18:00 Reception - Yong-hwa Hall, Hwacheon High School  
  Welcome addresses by Mayor of Hwacheon and others…  
  18:40 Dinner with Korean fusion  

Thursday 11th October 2008

  07:00 Breakfast at the Sudal Restaurant  

Plenary Session II
Status, Management and Assessment Techniques
Chairperson: Tom Serfass

08:20 Conservation status of the river otter (Lontra spp.) of the Southwestern Borderlands of U.S. and Mexico
Paul J. Polechla Jr., Biology Department, University of New Mexico (USA)
08:40 Conserving the habitat of the Otter, What, When, Why?: the case of the Eurasian otter in Catalonia (Spain)
Jordi Ruiz-Olmo, Biology of the University of Barcelona (Spain)
09:00 Indices of Health, Condition, and Mortality for Enhydra lutris kenyoni in Alaska: an unusual mortality event
PDF 2.4 MB
Angela Doroff, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USA)
09:20 First visual census of the Southern river otter, Lontra provocax in Chile
Maximiliano A. Sepúlveda, CODEFF (Chile)
09:40 Scale and season does matter: implications for otter conservation
PDF 2.3 MB (members only)
Teresa Sales-Luís, the University of Lisbon (Portugal)
10:00 Status, distribution and conservation of otters (Lutra spp.) of Bangladesh
Mohammed Mostafa Feeroz, Department of Zoology, University of Jahangirnagar (Bangladesh)
  10:20 Break  
10:40 Extinction of the Japanese otter
PDF 3.7 MB

Motokazu Ando, Tokyo University of Agriculture (Japan)
11:00 Initial recording behaviour of Lutra sumatrana in U Minh Thuong National Park, Mekong delta- Vietnam
Nguyen Vu Khoi, The World Associaton of Zoos and Aquariums (Vietnam)
11:20 The status of Asian small-clawed otter Aonyx cinereus, Illiger, 1815 in wild
S.A. Hussain, Wildlife Institute of India (India)
11:40 Otters in the Wildlife Reserves of Sri Lanka
PDF 969 KB (members only)
Mangala de Silva, Dep. of Zoology, University of Peradeniya (Sri Lanka)
12:00 Latrine site characteristics of spotted-necked otter at Rubondo Island National Park, Tanzania (PDF 8.3 MB)
Tom Serfass, Dep. of Biology, Frostburg State University (USA)
12:20 Questions  
  12:30 Lunch in the Sudal Restaurant  
  13:30 Special Event: Awarding prizes for children's drawing competition
Plenary Session III
Status, Management and Assessment Techniques (continued)
Chairperson: Jordi Ruiz Olmo
14:00 Monitoring distribution and population trends in European Otter (Lutra lutra) on a regional level
Hans-Heinrich Krüger, Aktion Fischotterschutz e. V., OTTER-ZENTRUM (Germany)
14:20 Monitoring and assessment of conservation status for European Otter Lutra lutra in Denmark
PDF 2.7 MB
Bjarne Søgaard, Aksel Bo Madsen, National Environmental Research Institute (Denmark)
14:40 How do we assess the status and habitat of otter in context with environmental assessment procedures?
PDF 141 KB
Andreas Kranz, Steirische Landesjaegerschaft (Austria)
15:00 Population Density, Distribution and Conservation Status of the Marine Otter (Lontra Felina, Molina 1782) on Chiloe Island and in the Channels and Fjords along Chile's Southern Coast, Preliminary Results
Ricardo Alvares, NGO Conservación Marina (Chile)
15:20 A landscape approach to the conservation of the otter Lutra lutra in Italy
PDF 6.7 MB (members only)
Anna Loy, Dip. STAT, Universita del Molise (Italy)
15:40 Update of the Reintroduction of otters in the Netherlands
Addy de Jongh, Dutch Otterstation Foundation (Netherland)
  16:00 Questions  
  16:10 Break  
Concurrent Workshop Session A
  Founding of the Asian Otter Trust Sung-Yong Han & Frances T. Kaliher

Otter in Captivity Task Force Helen Bateman

Lutra lutra population and habitat assessment: Natura 2000, Article 17 and environmental assessment Andreas Kranz

The status of the Smooth otter Lutrogale perspicillata in the wild and in captivity Nicole Duplaix
  18:30 Dinner in the Sudal restaurant  
  19:30 DMZ film screen at the Sudal restaurant  

Friday 12th October 2008

All Day DMZ Tour  

This is a stop-gap until the proceedings of the Colloquium are published.