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IUCN/SCC Otter Specialist Group Bulletin
©IUCN/SCC Otter Specialist Group

Volume 33 Issue 2 (October 2016)

OSG Group Members News
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New Members of OSG

Since the last issue, we have welcomed 2 new members to the OSG: you can read more about them on the Members-Only pages.

Kristin Brzeski, Equatorial Guinea: I am a conservation biologist using genomic methods to evaluate range expansion, toxin exposure, and genetic diversity in wildlife communities. With the Biodiversity Initiative in Equatorial Guinea in Central Africa, we are working to clarify the distribution and status of Aonyx congicus otters in Equatorial Guinea, developing and evaluating monitoring methods (i.e. non-invasive genetics), and adding to basic research on little know otter species.

Grazielle Soresini, Brazil: I’m a vet and PhD Student in Ecology and Conservation, working with health assessment of giant otters in the Southern Pantanal, Brazil. I’m interested in the wildlife conservation of this fascinating animal.

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