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IUCN/SCC Otter Specialist Group Bulletin
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Volume 21 A (2004)

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Proceedings IXth International Otter Colloquium, June 4-10th, 2004, Frostburg, MD, USA

These proceedings are only available as PDF files.

We are uploading the papers as they become available. We will add the page numbers when the volume is complete.

Threats & Conflicts Status & Distribution Reintroductions Food Habits Techniques & Management Genetics
Sea Otters Veterinary Care & Physiology Home Range & Population Dynamics Behaviour Habitat  


Threats & Conflicts    
Mercury and PCBs in Massachusetts River Otters John F. Organ and Curtice R. Griffin  
Status & Distribution    

The Congo Clawless Otter: State of Knowledge and Needs for Further Research

Helene Jacques, Nicole Duplaix and Guillaume Chapron  
Techniques and Management    

In Vitro Bioassays – Valuable Tools Contributing To The Conservation Of Endangered Species

Arno C. Gutleb, Erik Ropstad, Ingvar Brandt and Albertinka J. Murk  
Use of Remote Cameras in Riparian Areas: Challenges and Solutions Sadie S. Stevens, Robert C. Cordes and Thomas L. Serfass  
Survey of Neotropical Otters: Testing Methods to Access Distribution Marcelo L. Rheingantz, Helen F. Waldemarin and Carlos B. Kasper  
Genotyping Error Rates associated with Alternative Sources of DNA for the North American River Otter Jennifer A. Fike, Thomas L. Serfass, Amanda S. Beheler and Olin E. Rhodes Jr.  

Genetic Structure of Czech and Slovak Populations of the Eurasian Otter (Lutra lutra): DNA Typing of Spraints and Microsatellite Variability

Petra Hájková, Barbora Zemanová, Josef Bryja, Bedřich Hájek, Kevin Roche and Jan Zima  
Veterinary Care & Physiology    

Reversible Ketamine-Medetomidine Anesthesia in Wild Southern River Otters (Lontra provocax)

Claudio Soto-Azat, Renato Reyes and Gonzalo Medina-Vogel  
Encounters Between Otters (Lontra canadensis) and American Beavers (Castor canadensis) Bob Arnebeck  

Summer Home Range Size and Habitat Use by River Otters in Ohio

David A. Helon, James T. Anderson, Chris P. Dwyer and John W. Edwards  

Survey and Habitat Evaluation for a Peripheral Population of the Eurasian Otter in Italy

Anna Loy, Luciano Bucci,  Maria Laura Carranza, Giuseppina De Castro, Piera Di Marzio and Gabriella Reggiani  

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